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The articles listed here represent a broad spectrum of topics – likely not all will apply to your need to know, but we hope you do find some of particular interest.

  • Recent articles related to prostate cancer 2021-01-10
  • We thank Jim Barney & Keith Braganza of PCS Toronto for providing this information
  • Prostate cancer regulator plays role in COVID-19, providing a promising treatment lead
  • Delaying radiation therapy for prostate cancer unlikely to affect survival during coronavirus disease 2019
  • Huge Prostate Cancer Genetics Study Highlights Disparities in Risk, Research
  • How an Aggressive Form of Prostate Cancer Flips the Switch on Therapy
  • Diverse Prostate Cancer Study Identifies Plethora of New Risk Factors
  • Genes Help Explain Role of Race in Prostate Cancer Risk
  • Genetic Score Predicts Prostate Cancer Risk Across Ancestry Populations
  • Negative MRI After Negative MRI Guided Biopsy Indicates Nil Risk OF Prostate Cancer: Study
  • MRI frequently underestimates tumor size in prostate cancer
  • The Latest Efforts in Precision Oncology for Advanced Prostate Cancer
  • New hope in fight against therapy-resistant prostate cancer
  • Prostate Cancer & Bone Health: What You Need to Know
  • Real-World Costs of First-Line Prostate Cancer Management Strategies
  • Treatment Options in Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer: A Year In Review
  • Men Undergoing Active Surveillance for Early Prostate Cancer See Lower Risk of Metastases, Death
  • Geography Seen as Factor in Overtreatment of Low-Risk Prostate Cancer
  • Inflammation from ADT may cause fatigue in prostate cancer patients
  • Men’s experiences of radiotherapy treatment for localized prostate cancer and its long-term treatment side effects: a longitudinal qualitative study
  • New clues to prostate cancer: Why aggressive subtype can resist treatment
  • PSMA PET Imaging for Prostate Cancer Patient Education – Robert Flavell
  • A Veteran’s Call to Action: Take Charge, Know Your Risk for Prostate Cancer
  • Therapies for Clinically Localized Prostate Cancer: A Comparative Effectiveness Review
  • New clues to prostate cancer
  • Radiation after prostate cancer surgery may not be necessary
  • Novel prostate cancer resistance mechanism could be a promising target
  • The Impact of Altered Metabolism on the Regulation of IGF-II/H19 Imprinting Status in Prostate Cancer.
  • One Thing at a Time… Timeliness of Rehabilitation for Sexual Problems in Men With Prostate Cancer
  • Drs. Oz and Roizen: Breakthrough in identifying prostate cancer
  • Could a butterfly implant be the answer to prostate trouble? Metal device the size of a 10p coin works on swollen tissue
  • How race to track mystery gene with links to three cancers saved millions
  • Predicting low-risk prostate cancer
  • Hormonal therapies for advanced prostate cancer linked to a higher risk of falls and fractures
  • Early-onset metastatic and clinically advanced prostate cancer is a distinct clinical and molecular entity characterized by increased TMPRSS2-ERG fusions
  • MAOA promotes prostate cancer cell perineural invasion through SEMA3C/PlexinA2/NRP1-cMET signaling
  • Loss and revival of androgen receptor signaling in advanced prostate cancer
  • Additional SNPs improve risk stratification of a polygenic hazard score for prostate cancer
  • Vimentin 3 Expression in Prostate Cancer Cells
  • Urological outcomes in nonagenarians with prostate cancer
  • Sexual function and rehabilitation after radiation therapy for prostate cancer: a review
  • CHD1 loss negatively influences metastasis-free survival in R0-resected prostate cancer patients and promotes spontaneous metastasis in vivo
  • Prostate cancer and sexual consequences among men who have sex with men
  • Prostate Cancer Radiotherapy: Increased Biochemical Control and Late Toxicity in Men With Medication Allergies
  • Long non-coding RNA AC245100.4 promotes prostate cancer tumorigenesis via the microRNA-145-5p/RBBP5 axis
  • ADT-Related Inflammation May Cause Fatigue in Patients with Prostate Cancer
  • Primary metastatic prostate cancer between prognosis or adequate/proper medical therapy
  • Detecting recurrent prostate Cancer using multiparametric MRI, influence of PSA and Gleason grade
  • Prostate cancer extracellular vesicles mediate intercellular communication with bone marrow cells and promote metastasis in a cholesterol-dependent manner
  • A new compound targets the AF-1 of androgen receptor and decreases its activity and protein levels in prostate cancer cells
  • Role of MRI for the detection of prostate cancer
  • HDAC5 loss impairs RB repression of pro-oncogenic genes and confers CDK4/6 inhibitor resistance in cancer
  • Radiomic features for prostate cancer grade detection through formal verification
  • Frequency of IL-10+CD19+ B cells in patients with prostate cancer compared to patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia
  • Recent articles related to prostate cancer – DIET/EXERCISE 2021-01-10
  • Mediterranean diet has the potential to effect progression of prostate cancer
  • Mediterranean diet named ‘Best Diet Overall’ of 2021: What is so special about this diet?
  • Study Reveals: Men Should Eat Walnuts To Prevent Prostate Cancer
  • Ask the Doctors: Eat your carrots for potential help with prostate health
  • What to know about vitamin E
  • Assessing the Link Between Sugary Drinks and Cancer
  • A Plant-Based Diet Approach to Dealing with Prostate Cancer
  • 20 Signs Your Diet Is Shortening Your Lifespan, According to Science
  • Foods That Help Prevent Cancer
  • Looking for Ways to Prevent Cancer? Learn How These 12 Superfoods Can Help Make A Difference
  • Wellness at Every Age
  • Title Changes in the Mineral Composition of Rat Femoral Bones Induced by Implantation of LNCaP Prostate Cancer Cells and Dietary Supplementation
  • Increased oxidative stress and cancer biomarkers in the ventral prostate of older rats submitted to maternal malnutrition
  • Circulating Vitamin D and Selenium Levels and Outcome in Prostate Cancer Patients: Lessons from the MARTINI-Lifestyle Cohort
  • Feasibility and Acceptability of a Remotely Delivered, Web-Based Behavioral Intervention for Men With Prostate Cancer: Four-Arm Randomized Controlled Pilot Trial

Movember 2020

Movember Canada continues to be a significant source of funding for research into prostate cancer diagnosis & treatment, as well as raising awareness of this most common form of cancer among Canadian men. They also address other areas affecting men’s health including testicular cancer and mental health especially suicide prevention.
We are pleased to announce that through the donations of our many generous sponsors of our Movember Team we were able to raise $4,308 for this great cause in 2020.
Since 2011 when we first joined in supporting Movember the Durham Region sponsors of this important work, through our team campaigns, have raised over $26,000 for this cause. Thank you all very much.

Prostate Cancer Related On-Line Presentations and References

Upcoming Meetings of Interest in January 2021:

Please note the contact instructions mentioned in most of these postings, any missing ones will be added as they become available.

 Wednesday Jan 6th, 6:30 pm

London Prostate Cancer Support Group – by Zoom.

Contact Carl Kelly for Zoom link details, 519 852 4277

  • Erectile Dysfunction & Urinary Incontinence after Prostate Cancer Surgery
  • Dr. Jeffrey Campbell, Assistant Professor, Urology, Western University.

 Wednesday Jan 20th, 7:00 pm

Prostate Cancer Support – Peterborough      –  Next Zoom Presentation

 Register in advance for this meeting at the following link:

  •  Prostate Radiotherapy – how far we have come, and where we plan to go
  • Dr. Danny Vesprini, MD, MSc, FRCPC
  • Assistant Professor, University of Toronto, Affiliate Scientist, Biological Sciences, Sunnybrook Research Institute, Director, Male Oncology Research & Education (MORE) Program

 Wednesday Jan 20th, 7:00 pm

Prostate Cancer Support – Oakville/Mississauga      –  Next Zoom meeting. Meeting details will be sent out the week before

  •  Richard Casey, Urologist, Oakville.  What’s new in prostate cancer – with Q & A session.

Wednesday Jan 27th, 7:30 pm

Prostate Cancer Support Toronto      – Next Awareness Night meeting – Dr. Urban Emmenegger – metastatic prostate cancer

Wednesday Jan 27th, 7:00 pm

Prostate Cancer Support Hamilton – Next Zoom meeting

Dr. Edward Matsumoto, Urologist/Surgical Oncologist, St. Joseph’s Hospital Hamilton.  Dr. Matsumoto specializes in robotic radical prostatectomy surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital and this is the tenth occasion that Dr. Matsumoto has spoken to their Group.

They will send you, by email on Wednesday, 20 January, 2021, a Zoom Invitation to Join our meeting, so if you want to attend please contact them at;

Saturday Jan 30th, 12:00 pm

Learning from Active Surveillance patients experience Active Surveillance Patients International is pleased to announce the launching its first international webinar

Saturday Jan. 30 at 12 PM EDT

Towards that end we will be having a panel discussion representing patients from 4 countries.  Each will speak briefly and then attendees may ask questions. There has been so much helpful information from webinars featuring doctors, but this webinar will allow you to learn from patients who have been through the process.

Each speaker will address the audience about his experience with A.S. and then attendees may share their experiences and may ask questions. Towards that end there will be a panel discussion representing patients from the 4 countries.

This Webinar will be a unique opportunity to learn from personal experience of men who have been on AS for up to 15 years. There has been helpful information from webinars featuring doctors, but this webinar will allow you to learn from patients who have learned to live with their prostate cancer.
Our Zoom meeting will begin at 12 P.M. EDT Sat Jan 30th.  
Register Here:

ALSO  Catch Up if you missed these:

Prostate Cancer Support Toronto Awareness Night Videos

Nov. 2020 “There is Sex after Prostate Cancer”;

Dr. Stephen Holzapfel, MD, CCFP, FCFP

U. S. FDA approves PSMA/PET scans

U. S. FDA approves daily oral pill as alternative to ADT injections

Exercise – motivation for your New Year Resolutions

Prostate Cancer Foundation (US): an excellent, up-to-date comprehensive guide to prostate cancer and its treatment

You can access the updated PDF version of the Prostate Cancer Patient Guide here. 


Rebuilding PCS Durham

With the major change to the structure of our support groups, as we learned in December 2019 that Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) would no longer exist as a stand-alone entity, but would be absorbed into the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), we were faced with several challenges. As these are resolved we will be communicating the results of those developments with you. PCC, through having established PCCN (the Prostate Cancer Canada Network) as a network of support groups across Canada, were able to provide quite an extensive array of educational materials, and other services to our groups.
One significant role PCC played was maintaining a register, on the internet, of the support groups across the country which allowed men and their caregivers to find local help in their experience with this, the most common form of cancer in Canadian men. This function, we want to tell you has been re-established through the website which is still being built as more groups are added, now contains the majority of active support groups covering every Province in Canada.
We will add to this posting as new developments, which are receiving our concerted attention, allow. What we can assure you is that support in Durham Region continues to be available to those who need us.



Currently there are no planned public meetings of our Durham support group

We assure you that one on one peer support remains available by contacting us directly. Just go to Contact Us above.

However we are also posting news of on-line events that are available to our members from within our overall Prostate Cancer Support family – Simply go to Events on this site for information on these events from other groups.