Prostate Cancer Related On-Line Presentations and References

Canada-Wide Calendar of Events

On the Prostate Cancer Support Canada website you will find a CALENDAR that shows all of the events being offered by local support groups across Canada. If you enter “Ontario” in the Search field when you open the calendar to see only Ontario events, or leave it blank to see the variety of events across the country that are available to you. Including “National” ones.

Just click on the blue “Calendar” above to link to it directly

Note that the calendar starts with Pacific time zones but you can use the “PST8PDT button to change to Eastern Time (it shows as “America/Toronto/ local time zone”) There is a three hour difference

National events of Prostate Cancer Support Canada are in red

Some Events Not Yet on the Calendar will be noted here:

Useful General Information About Prostate Cancer

The Canadian Cancer Society has produced two You Tube videos that are very useful for those with a new interest in this subject.

More basic information on Diagnostic Processes used to determine the condition of the patient’s cancer both in initial diagnosis and on-going treatment

Please note the contact instructions are mentioned in most of these postings below, any missing ones will be added as they become available.

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You can access the updated PDF version of the Prostate Cancer Patient Guide here.