Rebuilding PCS Durham

With a major change to the structure of our support groups, as we learned in December 2019 that Prostate Cancer Canada (PCC) would no longer exist as a stand-alone entity, but would be absorbed into the Canadian Cancer Society (CCS), we were faced with several challenges. These are being resolved and we will be communicating the results of those developments with you. PCC, through having established PCCN (the Prostate Cancer Canada Network) as a network of support groups across Canada, were able to provide quite an extensive array of educational materials, and other services to our groups.
One significant role PCC played was maintaining a register, on the internet, of the support groups across the country which allowed men and their caregivers to find local help in their experience with this, the most common form of cancer in Canadian men. This function, we are pleased to tell you has been re-established through the website of Prostate Cancer Support Canada which now lists groups in every Province in Canada.
We will add to this posting as new developments, which are receiving our concerted attention, allow. What we can assure you is that support in Durham Region continues to be available to those who need us. We’re just a phone call away.